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Mitex Allergy

Prevention is better than cure.

House Dust mites trigger 75% of asthma and respiratory issues in children and adults.
— Mitex Allergy

Sleep safe with Mitex

Mitex allows asthma sufferers to breathe and sleep in a safe, hygienic environment
free from dust mites and their allergens.

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What Our Customer's Say:


We bought Mitex mattress, duvet and pillow case covers for the three main beds in the house: ours, our son's and our daughter's, who has asthma. Since putting the covers on the beds we've noted a reduction in wheezing symptoms in our daughter. I, too, was suffering from itchy eyes and mild nasal congestion when reading to my son at his bedtime and in the mornings. This has cleared up. Apart from a few issues with bunching in the duvets on the children's beds you wouldn't notice the covers were on the beds. Overall these products are of a high quality, are comfortable and work. I have no hesitation in recommending them.


     Kind regards,

Eoin O'Donoghue


As far back as I can remember, I have always had a mitex cover on my bed. With my father being asthmatic, my mother made sure all of the beds in the house had a mitex mattress cover & pillow case.
Not until I moved into my own place did I realise how effective they really are! I’m looking forward to my order arriving so I can have a nice, cough-free nights sleep!

Kind Regards,

Sarah Kavanagh


Having suffered from asthma most of my life and the last few winters ending up with chronic bronchitis where I was sent for a chest scan and breathing test in St Vincent’s Hospital where it was discovered I have slight scarring on the lungs. The consultant I was referred to said from my tests one thing in particular I was allergic to his house dust. I’d then went on the hunt to find suitable asthma relief bedding and delighted to have found my Mitex a family run company whose products are made here in Ireland. I purchased the anti-allergy duvet, mattress cover and pillow covers. Since putting them on my bed I am and getting a better nights sleep. I’m only too pleased to highly recommend their products and was most impressed with Nigel and his expert knowledge and advice he gave me when I met him in their showroom in Glenageary.

Many thanks
Martin Coleman